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Acer Palmatum Sherwood Flame

Acer Palmatum Sherwood Flame

Japanese Maple

A selected red leaf Japanese Maple a cultivar from Burgundy lace with a smaller leaf and better colour. Vigorous growth habit with a broad top. Leaves open purple to burgandy in sprng snd summer turning red in autumn. Prefers full sun.

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About Golden Hill Nurseries

Nursery: Introduction

Golden Hill Plants is a production nursery. The majority of the plants that we grow are produced on our own nurseries from seeds or cuttings.

We have a display area at the front of the nursery. However, if you wish to view all our stock please bring suitable footwear to walk around our working nursery.


The majority of our shrub and conifer production is by cuttings while herbaceous plants and grasses are mainly produced by division or seed Cuttings are usually taken into plug trays and are placed on heated propagating benches. Once the cuttings have produced roots the trays are moved to a cooler area to harden off the young plants. The next stage is to pot the cuttings into 9 cm pots.

When the plants are established and have filled the initial pot with roots they are ready to pot on into two to five litre pots according to the vigour of the variety.
The process of producing small plants takes from 6 to 18 months according to the variety.

Nursery: Growing On

The small plants grown in 9cm pots are usually potted on in the spring into two, three or five litre pots for growing on; either in open outdoor beds or in large polytunnels. Most would be ready
for sale from from the following Autumn to early Summer.

Nursery: Mature Specimens

We have begun producing these magnificent plants ourselves. Normally mature plants will be imported to order from Italy and are available for purchase from here at the nursery. If you are interested in purchasing mature plants or would like advice please call us on 01622 833218 so we can discuss your needs. Once the plants are imported they can either be collected or we can deliver up to 200 miles away from the nursery. Alternatively we do offer a full planting service. For details please see bellow.

When larger plants of shrubs and conifers have spent a year growing in two to five litre pots they are potted on into 7.5 - 20 litre containers for a further year or two outside.

Nursery: Specimens

These plants are grown in 25 to 100 litre containers.

They have either been potted on from plants that have been growing in 7.5 - 20 litre pots for the previous one or two years or have been potted up from field grown plants.

Landscaping and Tree Planting

With over 30 years' experience in growing Trees and Shrubs we are uniquely placed to offer practical advice and design of planting schemes. We have the expertise to be able to advise you about what to buy and where to plant it so that you can make the most of your purchases and enjoy the impact on your garden.

Additionally we offer a full planting and landscaping service in Kent and East Sussex.

If you would like to enquire about our landscaping services please contact our office by telephone 01622 833218 or email